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About Mr. Horse Problems

This is an attempt to teach about the subjects that are rarely ever taught within the Official Equestrian Education System in Australia. The subjects covered herein are the important ones, the ones that should be taught. This site is aimed to help those entering the Industry who stumble around looking for help but don’t know where to get it. It is also an attempt to save those that represent the high attrition rate from falling out of the Industry due to a lack of the type of real knowledge represented on this Site. This effort is for the sake of the horses.

I have tried to achieve in this site, actual, ‘how to do it’ factual, step by step fixes for everything to do with ‘Problem Horses’ Not generalities, skirting around the issues, touchy feely Guru marketing hype!! A lot of the free stuff is written and aimed at the learner, pony clubber and amateur. All of the paid for articles are extensive (several thousand words) and are written for anyone right up to Monty Roberts who could do with the mouthing articles. I have spent years writing this stuff so I hope you get a tip or two along the way. Be sure and come back as it will be updated every day…

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