Back Leg Strap




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Back Leg Strap

The back leg strap is forĀ  pulling up the back legs of horses!!!! (Improved over all currently made and on the market) and will last forever.

NOTE: Hobbles are NOT made for this use!!!!


Leg Restraints DVD

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  1. Steven de Kroon

    Letter to John O’Leary|Horse Problems Australia

    Hi John
    I also have a nice young stockhorse gelding who for some reason quite frequently gets ‘into’ fences lately (2yrs of nothing and now it’s like he just tries to step in them!) But he also was trained according to your system and will wait patiently for me to come out in the morning and cut him out of the fence, whereby i then have to have it reconstructed! Once he’s out, off he toddles for breakfast, go figure, he doesn’t seem the least bit worried about it. We have now replaced EVERY fence on our property, (dad is very very sick of refencing) and hopefully we won’t have anymore problems! But it’s good to know that if he gets stuck he will stand until we get him out rather than tear himself to bits!

    ALso that young Arab mare that we bought who was terrified of everything and everyone. Well now she is a very affectionate, far more stable and our boss mare, rather than the quivering bag of bones in the corner afraid of everything. We had her hobble trained and worked by a horseman who trains very similarly to you and while we still have the odd bucking problem every few months she has come ahead in leaps and bounds! She’s well on her way and will make her debut in the dressage world hopefully late next year (uni committments won’t let me have enough time to work her as much as i’d like to!)

    So yet another thanks to you for everything you are contributing to horse owners and horses everywhere. I honestly have no idea what i would have done without all your advice and help.


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