Breaking In Bit







A must have for starting a horse.

Rubber ends on Full Cheek to protect the sides of the face during Lateral Mouthing.

Available in sizes from pony to heavy horse.


Mouthing the Horse


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Remouthing the Horse

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4", 4.25", 4.5", 4.75", 5", 5.5", 6", 6.5", 7"


Barrel, Lossenge


  1. Steven de Kroon

    Letter to John O’Leary | Horse Problems Australia

    After purchasing your training bit for my baby, and reading all the info on your website about the different types of bits… I want to change my old girls bit now too.
    She is 13 and I have had her since she was 4 and only ever ridden her in a basic snaffle. I thought I was being nice to her
    What kind of bit would you personally use?
    I do eventing with her and a lot of trail riding and have never had a problem with breaks.

    Any of the various Designs of the new type of Bits versus the ‘Nut Cracker’ Jointed Snaffles are a huge improvement for Horses but when it comes down to precicely which, it is a personal learning curve taking into account the feelings and messages from the Horses. Like I say, MOST like either. I prefer the Barrell Centres but Cappo prefers the Lossenge while Snip prefers the Barrell.

  2. Steven de Kroon

    Letter to John and Linda O’Leary | Horse Problems Australia

    Hi Mr and Mrs HP, Just wanted to write to say how happy I am with the barrel D bit I purchased. My 4yo Arabian had been acting like he’d never been mouthed lately, complete and utter resistance in running reins, ridden, or even putting the bridle on. He was rearing, panicking and generally unhappy with my old loose ring snaffle that I had. I put it down to pain and pinching. The first day with his new bit from you, he was a different horse. Not a single protest, no rearing, no trying to flip over and evade, completely calm and relaxed. I was able to lunge him with running reins on for the first time without him slamming the brakes on and trying to rear, or spin and evade. 5 days in and he is letting me bridle him and is just so soft and relaxed. Best bit I’ve ever bought. Thank you! Regards Vanessa Resonance Endurance

  3. Steven de Kroon

    Letter to John O’Leary | Horse Problems Australia

    I tell you HP these bits are amazing.
    I lunged him again today and I took his halter off to put the bridle on and he turned his head to me lowered it, opened his mouth and put it on.This is a horse who puts his head up as high as he can, I have to smack him on the head, put the lead rope behind his ears and pull his head down, then stick my fingers in between his front and back teeth, lever it open then jam the bit between his teeth and then rub inside his lip/gum so he licks so I can get it the rest of the way in lol
    I love this bit and I will never part with it l J
    Kelly Etheridge

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