Breaking In Roller







Breaking In Roller with Soft Leather Pad.

Includes Latigo Set.

Lasts a Life Time and comes with an auto E-Book.

Top Quality and will last the distance. Used and tested on 3,000 horses by me(John O’Leary). Including Latigo’s and THE ONLY Roller that I know of that will handle the job!!.

**Does not include Girths, only Latigo’s – CLICK HERE for roller girths.

Sizes: (Ring to Ring)

Full – Ring to Ring is – 900mm

Pony – Ring to Ring is – 730mm

There are no rollers made that are designed to handle my system of mouthing. Most Rollers are made for Lunging only. There are very good quality leather ones, mid range quality leather and synthetic and el cheapo sub standard ones.


Mouthing the Horse


CLICK HERE for Mouthing the Horse DVD


Remouthing the Horse

CLICK HERE for Re-mouthing the Horse DVD





I get a lot of questions about the Latigo system. Like this…..


“I have not used latigos before – are they a better system than the standard stock saddle girthing system?  If so I’m happy to use them and learn, but if there is no real advantage I’d prefer to stay with the standard girthing system.”


The Latigo system is a far stronger system, far more Horse friendly due to the even and smooth adjusting of the Girth as against the Human almost putting their Hip out of joint and screwing the Skin of the Horse as they go from one strap to the next and back. The strap system is also more likely to create girthiness and is far less safe due to being prone to Breaking during work. Further, the Latigo system outlasts the Girth Straps with ease.


The system does up like this:


Latigo 1 Latigo 2 Latigo 3 Latigo 4 Latigo 5 Latigo 6






Additional information


Pony, Cob/Full


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