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ALL saddles will be special order after receiving required information and specific design choices. Please contact us for sizing (wither tracings, photos, rider measurements, etc) and design before you order.




Please note : the sizes roughly equate to 16″,17″,18″ in an English saddle


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Quality Australian Stock Saddle comes standard with:


Designed with help from a top dressage rider, the HP Swinging Fender Stock Saddle is the ONLY one that will automatically put you in the correct Ear/Shoulder/Hip/Heel position for balanced riding. All the others have the stirrup bar placement too far forwards making the correct position difficult, if not impossible.

  • They keep you MUCH safer and more secure in the saddle
  • Invaluable for nervous riders
  • Protect the horse from the problems caused by unbalanced riders – sore backs, sore mouths and Veterinary issues
  • 4 New Dedicated Trees – Standard, Medium, Quarter Horse (wide), Clydesdale (extra wide)
  • ALL SADDLES will be Special Order and are handmade, so allow 4 weeks from order to shipping
  • You can pick your personal design modifications, colours, tooling, etc.
  • Ideal for Polocrosse.


HP Stock Saddles are superb for:

  • Green Horses
  • Suspect Horses
  • Hacking
  • Breaking
  • Schooling
  • Polocrosse
  • Nervous Riders


As the HP Saddle puts you in the CORRECT position to maintain balance, whilst also keeping you safer and more anchored in the saddle, thanks to the deep seat and the poleys, which lock your thighs into position and help prevent you falling off both over the front and out the side door. They give amateur riders much more ability to stay in the saddle during unexpected spins and shies and increase rider confidence enormously.


I myself survived a split second, 180° spook, spin and bolt attempt on a young TB, in one of these saddles. My companion, who was riding behind me, could not believe that I was not thrown! He breaks horses for a living and his words were, “WOW, You don’t deserve to be still on board!!”


They provide amazing ‘Stickability’ and a lot of riding accidents would be prevented if riders used these saddles! If you have confidence issues, are worried about falling off, or are a nervous rider you NEED one of these! Imagine sitting on a flat seated dining chair with someone trying to push you off. Now imagine sitting in an armchair instead…That is the difference in security between English and these saddles. Safety features are incorporated into every modern design, but English saddles are the same basic design of 150 years ago.


See here for why the Aussies call English design saddles “Self Emptying Saddles”


Unbalanced riders and riders whose saddles force them into a ‘Chair Seat’ cause all kinds of problems and pain for their horses. The saddles force riders to hang onto the horse’s mouth as they try to maintain balance, ruining the mouth, day by day.


Riders whose saddles force them into a ‘Chair Seat’ position have too much weight on the loins of the horse, causing pain, strain and eventually, Kissing Spines.


Riders who try to attain the balanced Shoulder/Hip/Heel position find that they cannot keep a still and quiet lower leg as it swings around, trying to find an eqilibrium which is impossible. Most riders and their coaches blame the rider for the problems, when it is not their fault and usually simply the result of BAD SADDLE DESIGN – even with the very EXPENSIVE makes!


HP Stock Saddles eliminate these problems and put you into a balanced position – effortlessly.


They are also very comfortable for female riders as they have no narrow, hard ‘twist’, like many English style saddles – a ‘Twist’ which is often exactly where you don’t want the pressure!


Put your GP saddle on Ebay and buy one of ours – you won’t believe the difference!


These saddles are not sized in the same way that English saddles are . They come in 14″, 15″ and 16″, which ROUGHLY equates to 16″, 17″ and 18″ in an English saddle, BUT it depends on your actual hip and upper thigh measurement and height for fine tuning.




I get a lot of questions about the Latigo system. Like this…..


“I have not used latigos before – are they a better system than the standard stock saddle girthing system?  If so I’m happy to use them and learn, but if there is no real advantage I’d prefer to stay with the standard girthing system.”


The Latigo system is a far stronger system, far more Horse friendly due to the even and smooth adjusting of the Girth as against the Human almost putting their Hip out of joint and screwing the Skin of the Horse as they go from one strap to the next and back. The strap system is also more likely to create girthiness and is far less safe due to being prone to Breaking during work. Further, the Latigo system outlasts the Girth Straps with ease.


The system does up like this:


Latigo 1 Latigo 2 Latigo 3 Latigo 4 Latigo 5 Latigo 6


Additional information


14", 15", 16"


Black, Brown


Narrow, Medium, Quarter Horse, Clydesdale


  1. horseproblems

    Hi Mr Hp,
    Sorry I hadn’t got back to you sooner but I wanted to have a couple of really good rides in the saddle first. The saddle is great fits her way better now after about 6 rides she is really walking out properly and actually moving with her ears forward again and moving forward more and I am not getting any dry patches. It does sit lower but does not hit her wither or anything and she has plenty of room for shoulder movement the other one I could not get my hand in between her shoulder and saddle it was that tight and that was even before I did the girth up so I am very happy I have attatched photos of the other saddle and this one on her. Hope you can see the difference. Also I was wondering if you had posted the girth as I still have not received it and you said about posting it a week and a half ago. Anyway thank you again for doing this saddle for me it is comfortable for both me and my horse. Thanks again Jayn

  2. horseproblems

    Hi there HP, letting you know I received saddle last week and had my first ride in it on Saturday. Firstly its a lovely looking saddle, great colour, love the roughcut, can you tell me how to look after this roughcut leather? One fellow told me not to oil top, but to oil the underside, would this be correct? Of course I realise it will darken the colour blah blah.

    Secondly, bloody hell, I’ve had a couple of dressage saddles custom made for my older horse, never with any success ending up having to sell the saddles on, well your saddles fits my young horse Very Well, Doesnt Move a smidge but I am best of all blown away with the Brilliant position it puts me in, hell does it ever make it easy to sit up and straight and have legs directly underneath, Fantastic. Still cant believe how great it is sit in, it just makes life much easier without the struggle of adjusting my position on a decent moving horse…………….So thanks very very much, cant believe what I have forked out for saddles over the years, along comes HP saddle (with a budget price) and its great, so thats it. I am delighted! Next gotta buy another dvd of ya. Cheers, Pip ps dont forget to let me know the care of roughcut leather please!
    Pip Richards. 3/12/12

  3. horseproblems

    Hi Mr & Mrs HP

    I know I’m a bit slow doing this but here it is. Out of these 7 horses there are 5 of your saddles. All the horses love them. The 14” has also been on a 12hh quite solid pony and a 13.3hh very narrow welshy., we had to come up with a different back cinch and we used the girth off the roller. They have been used on a 16.2hh Anglo Arab with quite a high wither and a barrel type Arab, she did narrow down after breaking. At no stage do we have any trouble with these saddles moving unlike stock saddles.

    I especially like how it has stopped one of my sons from slouching in the saddle. Thanks heaps. One day I will get one more for my daughter.

    Kindest regards
    Kate Taylor

  4. horseproblems

    Purchased a 15 inch hb in December but haven’t been using it as was waiting for saddle fitter. She came out today and while she really likes the design and fit of the horse (she will recommend it to her clients),

  5. horseproblems

    HP, I love my 14″ HP swinging fender saddle. I’ll tell anyone who’ll listen.
    But I wanted to tell you…. that I rode from Kununurra to Wyndham on the ol stock route on the weekend. 85odd km. No flash sheepskin covers for me and I tell ya what, I could turn around and ride it all again. That saddle is so damn comfy…even after 3 days of 9hr stretches! Better than that though, is the fit on my 18 yr ol gelding! Perfect dry channel across his spine and nice even wet patches where the weight gets distributed. Your saddle cloth is amazing too. We only had days of 33 degree for this ride, but during the wet when your regularly riding and its 38-45degrees, that saddle cloth is brilliant. Allows a nice close fit for the saddle with all the added bulk and weight of normal saddle pads removed. Because your saddle cloth can’t retain moisture, I get no bacterial infections setting up and you just hose it off to keep it clean & its dry to put in the shed in 5min flat!

    Have attached photo’s….they are very poor quality…sorry, but enough to give you general idea.

    Bareback shot…Mo & I, on the lawn at Ivanhoe Stn Homestead, on the banks of the might Ord River, Kununurra @ sunset Second shot….Mo, Saddled, booted, hobbled and waiting patiently for a bridle and his jockey…..
    Third shot….here’s a better shot taken last week at home, the big fella relaxin’ after a ride

    Anyway, hope ya having a good one. Will leave ya in peace.

    Danee Finckh


  6. horseproblems

    HI John & Linda

    Hope you guys had a great Christmas and New Year, We tried the saddle out on a little 13.2hh pony and it fitted fine, she rode well in it.

    Best wishes Lana

  7. horseproblems

    Hi John

    I oiled my saddle and went for a short ride this afternoon on my chestnut gelding QH. We only went out for about 5kms, but had a few good long trots about 500m in length. He was really relaxed and happy in it, no tinkering steps, so it is not restricting his shoulders at all. I felt really secure and confident, I would have gone longer but it was nearly dusk buy the time I got organized, so had to turn around and come home, as the block is 14kms.

    This is the first time in ages that I have gone out on my own, and I also felt confident trotting on a loose rein. Of late I have needed the security of contact at the trot, but this time all my trots were on a loose rein. We even had a couple of strides of canter, and I didn’t freak and just asked him to go back to trot!!

    I am going on a trail ride tomorrow Mt Pleasant to Tungkillo (approx 15kms) with a riding group, so will see how he goes on a longer ride, but I am sure he will be fine.

    Can’t believe I have found a half breed saddle that fits my hard to fit horse (as I was told that I would probably have to get a custom made saddle for him).

    Thanks again. You are right it is a confidence booster.


  8. horseproblems

    Dear John,

    I received the saddle and my horses like it as well as I. Your web site advice and your tack continue to impress me. I am also so glad to hear that Mrs. Horseproblems is getting back on her feet. I am sure that there is a world of prayers sent her way. Certainly from myself and my family.

    About the saddle, I would highly recommend them. My very hard to fit Arab wears it just fine. It also fits several other different size horses that I am working with. It seams to me that poor construction quality coupled with artificial needs of specific disciplines has put allot of bad saddles on the market. Yours on the other hand has matched good horsemanship with good quality. I would say that your saddle is great for tough horses in good conditions, and great for good horses in tough conditions, and what I want with a tough horse in tough conditions.

    Phil Secor
    Seattle WA USA

  9. horseproblems

    Hi John,

    Received the saddle and other tack. I have to say, this saddle is superb! I have used it on three of my horses and it’s great. I love it! I know now why you make such comments about working green horses and breakers in an English or dressage saddle. There is no comparison to the security and comfort that your saddle brings. I had a mare shy on me while using your saddle for the first time and I didn’t feel a thing, no loss of balance and therefore no loss of timing, was able to carry on unfazed. If i had been in my dressage or all-purpose I would have needed some time to get centered again.

    I recommend this saddle to EVERYONE that is riding in an English or dressage saddle for pleasure or for training. HP knows what he’s talking about!

    Another thing I’d like to mention, to all those ladies over 40 that may be suffering from loss of confidence.

    Firstly, GET ONE OF HP’S SADDLES. This saddle will give you security where your English saddles do not. HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!

    in Canada

  10. horseproblems

    Hi Mr HP

    I thought I would send a short message to let you know how happy I am with my new saddle.

    My boy Dan has always been tense for a short while when saddled. I usually walk him some distance ,
    gradually tightening the girth as we go, before mounting.

    I am rapt to say that we have now ridden in the saddle about 8 times & there has been no feeling of him tensing.
    He moves off with a regular rythm & a big strong walk straight after being saddled. He is a different horse.

    I’m feeling pretty comfy & secure too.


  11. horseproblems

    Hi John

    Just wanted to let you know that the saddle arrived safely and was unwrapped with much excitement and care. It now sits on the back of our couch as I can’t bear to put it in the shed with the others. I am getting the most out of the new leather smell and looking at it everyday.

    I’ve ridden in it several times already and I thought it might take a bit of getting used to, like most saddles would, but no it is the most comfortable saddle I’ve ever sat in. The quality of the leather is unreal, I haven’t seen leather like that in over 10 years and was starting to think I may never see it again.

    I have attached a photo of me in the saddle on my thoroughbred mare Duchess. I thought I would not put the back girth on for the first ride and let her get used to the straps hanging down, I needn’t of worried as she was fine with them and then the girth the next day. Please excuse my closed eyes, oh and yes I know my stirrups were too long, I had already adjusted them once and we were only walking so couldn’t be bothered getting off to do them again. She’s a big horse to climb onto. Feel free to post this letter and photo on your website.

    We had a trail ride at our property on the weekend and everyone got to see the saddle and all commented on how nice it is.

    Anyway enough dribble from me, just wanted to thank you so much for the great saddle and for getting it to me so quickly. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.


  12. horseproblems

    Gday John
    saddle whent really well!God it puts you in the perfect position! Almost like cheating. Reckon would be lots more comfortable for horse. No gith marks that got with stocksadle.
    Thought there would be a d ring on girth so i just tied /made a loop type not to put off side girth srtap in to begin pulley system.Sooo much better than fighting to find o hole thats never in the right position [no jokes please] Yeah you can adjust it any subtle amount, good stuff.
    Felt as if could really feel his back ie up down at walk and round /sucking pu under me in canter.
    I swear after only 3 days his shape is more sleek yet muscly [is that a word?] Before he was starting to get a real chunky look especially at front of hind quarter, now hind end looks longer but with muscle definition.
    I believe it is because he is going round in circle work with more sort of bounce.
    Just feels lighter and easier!Closer to riding bareback.Once youve been in one of these could never go back.
    Obviously the weight distribution is so much better for them[horses],if they could talk they would all be telling humans to only use fender saddles!
    Cheers Michael

  13. horseproblems

    Hi John!

    I am absolutely loving my new saddle! It is so comfortable to ride in. My knees and ankles no longer hurt on long rides, and my horses seem so happy now
    I love the position the saddle puts me in, everything feels right now.
    Your saddle pad is amazing too, no slippage!
    Thank you so much for all your help


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