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For developing topline, hindquarters, balance and for diagnosing and fixing many hind-end Veterinary problems

This system has evolved and perfected across many Thousands of aggrieved Horses. It works and it does one of two things 100% of the time:

  • Fixes latent Rear end unsoundness
  • Diagnoses issues that Vet’s and other Horse Professionals cannot get to the bottom of
  • Assists greatly with resistant and poor mouthed Horses.



Designed to make the adjustment easy and accurate as well as easy slipping and running.

Clips onto a girth with included D ring or loop for over a girth. Mistakes are difficult to make!

Designed for various Veterinary assessments and remedial systems. (Proven)



“I designed these because I was sick of running reins that had no adjustment that you could easily control. Imho, this system beats all other training systems including pessoa, shambon, side reins, and the rest!

It has 5 different adjustment systems for different muscular or psychological problems! The equipment comes with detailed info and photo explanation of training systems.

You can of course lunge with a Market Harborough but you won’t have the flexibility of settings for different Conformation and Veterinary issues.


  • The Running Reins system comes with 45 Pages of Proof and instructions, across many Horses.


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Dutch Clinician at Dutch Equitana

This system is easier and does the same job as do the following pieces of equipment.

These achieve nothing but anti training.

and these damage every mouth below established Elementary Dressage.


  1. horseproblems


    Hey Mr. HP,

    I have to say I am extremely pleased with your running reins system! After going through quite a few DVDs and spending all my pennies on your equipment (I refuse to buy the cheap crap), I have success! My 9yo standardbred has put his head down for the first time. We started long reining him looking like this:
    Running Reins System - BEFORE

    Within 3 short sessions introducing and working with running reins we now have this:
    Running Reins System - AFTER
    I’m absolutely thrilled with this system and I can’t be thankful enough as to you spreading your wisdom in the DVDs. Very much recommended to everyone, thanks again.

    Kindest regards,

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